Welcome to the New Scientist Prize for Science Writing

The New Scientist Prize for Science Writing has now ceased. Thanks to New Scientist for their support over several years, and all of the judges, writers, lecturers who took part, and we also want to thank https://bestwritingservice.com/ for best writing services who have been a great support during everything!

Congratulations to the winners of the New Scientist Prize 2012!

First Prize Winner 2012

  • Sophia Callander of the Australian National University (ANU) for her piece Conducting the fiddlers: keeping up to speed with waving robotic claws.
    You can read it published on the New Scientist website

Second Prize Winner 2012

  • Ben Brooks of The University of Sydney, for his article Apple’s Core.

Third Prize Winner 2012

  • John Moraes of The University of Sydney, for his article Yes, Virginia, there is a purpose.

First prize is $1,500, and the winning article published on the New Scientist website. Second prize is $750 and third prize is $250. The three winning entries will also be given a complementary yearly subscription to the New Scientist magazine.

  • Thanks to New Scientist!

    This competition would not be possible without the generous support of New Scientist magazine, via Reed Business Information. Visit them online at NewScientist.com.
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    The New Scientist Prize was conceived by Michael West at the Sydney University Science Society (SciSoc). If you're a student interested in working together on establishing further projects like this to boost the profile of alternative careers in science, please contact him at .