Before entering, please make sure your entry complies with the following conditions. If you notice that the entry doesn't meet the conditions, will help you with the correct design of both the entry and the work.

  • The prize is open to individuals.
  • Submissions must be no more than 1000 words, excluding words used in captions.
  • Work entered in this prize must have been undertaken by a current university student (undergraduate or postgraduate) who is able to provide evidence of having a valid student identification card from a university in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Work entered in this prize must be original, unpublished and cannot be in the process of being published. An example of such an original study is "Beyond the Lab: The Social Impact of Scientific Discoveries", you can review its structure and qualitative text to understand the point. Work previously submitted as academic coursework is acceptable as long as it has not been externally published.
  • Each entrant may only enter one submission. If more than one are submitted, the last one submitted will be judged.
  • Entrants are required to declare and disclose any subsequent corrections or challenges to the accuracy of an entry, or claims of plagiarism or defamation against work submitted.
  • Where content from other sources is incorporated for purposes of proper coverage of the topic, this must be attributed. A full reference list is not required in the submission, but all statements should be verifiable.
  • Online entry forms open 30th July 2012 and close 11.59pm, 21st September 2012. Hard copy entries will not be considered.
  • Entries with insufficient sets of documentation will not be considered.
  • The deliberations of the judging panel remain confidential. All recommendations and decisions taken are binding and final and no correspondence will be entered into on such matters. The judges reserve the right not to award a prize in any given year if, in their view, the quality of entries is insufficiently meritorious.
  • Information provided by the entrant in relation to the New Scientist Prize for Science Writing (including photos) may be used by New Scientist for promotion/publicity purposes. This may include and is not restricted to the information being used on websites, social media, printed material, advertisements, press releases etc.
  • The winning entry will be published by New Scientist at
  • Personal information provided in connection with the New Scientist Prize for Science Writing will be used only by New Scientist and the prize organisers and only in connection with the New Scientist Prize for Science Writing.

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    The New Scientist Prize was conceived by Michael West at the Sydney University Science Society (SciSoc). If you're a student interested in working together on establishing further projects like this to boost the profile of alternative careers in science, please contact him at .