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Are you an academic in a science-related faculty, or a member of a science student society? Do you know of some students, club or society members, friends or peers who would be interesting in a science writing competition?  If so, we’d love your help in spreading the word about the Prize, so that anyone and everyone can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Of course, if you or your friends are confused and unsure of your abilities, will be useful for your papers, as well as reading prime essays for inspiration or examples, etc.

If you could take a few minutes to send a PDF poster to a mailing list, or even print it out and stick it up in some buildings on your campus, your students will thank you for it.

You could also:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at .

Thanks for your help!

  • Thanks to New Scientist!

    This competition would not be possible without the generous support of New Scientist magazine, via Reed Business Information. Visit them online at
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    If you have any questions about the competition, feel free to email us at .
  • Want to do more?

    The New Scientist Prize was conceived by Michael West at the Sydney University Science Society (SciSoc). If you're a student interested in working together on establishing further projects like this to boost the profile of alternative careers in science, please contact him at .